1 Aug 2023: Changelog AADS Terminal Server (build 212.1)




1 Aug 2023: Changelog AADS Terminal Server (build 212.1)

Bug fix

Seamless Desktop was broken, did not work anymore, when used against an AADServer running on WXP or W2k3.

Bug fixes and improvements 2FA

Some bug fixes and improvements for 2FA (Enterprise) (Classic).
Example: On Screen Keyboard:

An On Screen Keyboard can be useful in case Touch Devices are used as a Client Device.

Bug fixes and improvements DockDesktop

Some bug fixes and improvements have been done for DockDesktop (Enterprise) (Classic).
DockDesktop can also be used as a stand-alone utility on any Windows PC.

Improvement: AADS Maintenance & Control

AADS Maintenance & Control did not always show the correct details when searching for "special" ip addresses:

Improvement Logoff

The speed of a Logoff has been improved.

Bug fix Application Control

It was not always possible to set the options correctly for Application Control.
Once it was set to "Apply strict", it was not possible anymore to set it to "Apply relaxed".

Fix Application Control in case Windows 11 is used

Windows 11 Updates dated Jun / Jul 2023 did break AADS Application Control. A fix / work-around has been implemented.




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