9 Sep 2021: ChangeLog AADS Terminal Server (Build 189.9)




9 Sep 2021: ChangeLog AADS Terminal Server (Build 189.9)

1FA, 2FA, 3FA

AADS includes 2FA functionality for the login of users. Besides their UserName and Password, the users do need to enter a "token" (a short sequence of random numbers...)
The Token can be received by the users thru email, or can be generated by 1 of the several OTP Apps as they are available for mobile phones.






Change DATE/TIME format in Logfiles to ISO 8601.




Windows 11

Make sure that AADServer works OK on Windows 11.
More work is needed and will be done in the next AADS build.


Bug fix

The "label" of the 2 menu-items are "swapped":


Bug fix

After deleting an IP Address from the Temporary Block List, this list was not broadcasted in the AADS Farm. It was required to do this delete-action on each Server in the Farm .


Improvements and Bug fixes

Some improvements and bug fixes in the RUN-AS dialog, such that it does a better job in mimicking the default RUN-AS dialog as done by Windows itself.

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