10 Feb 2021: ChangeLog AADS Terminal Server (Build 182.10)




10 Feb 2021: ChangeLog AADS Terminal Server (Build 182.10)

Improvement: Connect Rate Limit

The built-in Firewall has Connect Rate Limit settings, such to prevent attacks on the Server. There are 3 increasing sets indicate the number of connections within a given amount of time. These 3 sets are applied when the same IP Address does multiple connections to the Server. When exceeding this number of connections, the attempts from the Client to do more connections are denied. The current active connections which were within the limits of the 3 sets, are allowed; the current active connections are not disconnected when the "next" connection attempt from the Client exceeds the Connect Rate Limit sets.


Improvement: more RDP and SSL logging

The RDP and SSL logging shows more details:


Bug fix: downwards compatible RDP+ FileTransfer

AADS Client software, builds newer then 2020 Sep, could not do RDP+ FileTransfer against AADS Server software, builds 2020 Apr or older. This is fixed.


Bug fix: installation AADS Client software on Windows

Depending on the Windows version and / or Service Packs, AADS Client software for Windows could not be installed. An attempt to install AADS Client Software would always show the following error:

This is fixed.


RDP Performance Flags

We have done various updates and fixes related to RDP Performance Flags:

The RDP session will be perceived as quicker when all options are turned off. However, Font Smoothing is recommended because of readability.


Seamless Windows

We have done various fixes and updates related to Seamless Windows. Among the updates will be a new type of Seamless Windows.


Themes with border (Windows 10, Server 2016 / 2019)

From a performance point of view, it is recommended to turn off Themes.

Turn off Themes can be done on the Server:

Turn off Themes can also be done on the Client:

However, when Themes are turned off, the default Windows 10 / Server 2016 / Server 2019 can be perceived as "un-clear" because the border of Windows is only 1 pixel. Because of that, AADS installs 3 themes with a sizeable border:


Server Theme


Windows 10 Dark Theme


Windows 10 Light Theme

Application Control: Apply Desktop Theme (Windows 10, Server 2016/2019)

AADS Application Control has a new directive: Apply a Desktop Theme:

Apply this Directive to an user or group:

This directive is only available for Windows 10 and Server 2016/2019.

For other Windows Versions, please see the FAQ.

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