Low cost alternative Terminal Server for Windows

About us

AADS Services FZ LLC is a Licensed IT Consultant & Software House Company.

Our objectives

We make "feature-rich" products for an affordable price.

The start of our AADS Terminal Server products was more then 15 years ago. We all have a long history and much experience in the area of terminal servers, thin clients and application delivery.

AADS Terminal Server does show to the world that good products and good value do not have to be expensive or hard to get by.

Product development

AADS Terminal Server products are continuous developed and improved.

An important source of information and feedback for the development and improvement of our products, are our Resellers and Customers.

Head Office

AADS Services FZ LLC
Office B5-101-C
Academic Zone 01 - Business Centre 5
PO Box 10055
RAKEZ Business Zone - FZ
Ras Al Khaimah


Support Office

AADS Terminal Server
(AADS Services FZ LLC)
City Tower 2
Sheikh Zayed Road


support @ aads-worldwide.ae
support @ aads-worldwide.ch
support @ aads-worldwide.hk

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