Next build AADS Terminal Server



Next build AADS Terminal Server

(Updated 18 Sep 2023)

Improvement AUDIT Logging

The AUDIT Logging has been improved. It does contains 2 extra Fields:

'2023-08-31 10:08:04','REMOTE DISCONNECT','WIN11X64I150\luser002','2',''
'2023-08-31 10:08:04','SESSION LOCK','WIN11X64I150\luser002','2','-'
'2023-08-31 10:08:12','REMOTE CONNECT','WIN11X64I150\luser002','2',''
'2023-08-31 10:08:12','SESSION UNLOCK','WIN11X64I150\luser002','2',''
'2023-08-31 10:17:42','REMOTE DISCONNECT','WIN11X64I150\luser002','2',''
'2023-08-31 10:17:42','SESSION LOCK','WIN11X64I150\luser002','2',''
'2023-08-31 10:17:43','SESSION LOGOFF','WIN11X64I150\luser002','2','-'
'2023-08-31 10:29:12','SESSION LOCK','WIN11X64I150\testuser','1','console'
'2023-08-31 10:39:04','SESSION UNLOCK','WIN11X64I150\testuser','1','console'
'2023-08-31 11:21:15','SESSION LOGOFF','WIN11X64I150\testuser','1','console'

Note: it might happen that the Field for Remote IP Address is "empty", indicated by "-", because with that specific event there is no Remote IP Address.

Update AADS RDP Client for Linux when using rdesktop

When using the AADS RDP Client for Linux, using rdesktop, against a Windows 11 Server, it might happen that there are "Invalid Login attempts" because of how the AADS RDP Client for Linux runs on top of rdesktop. This has been changed such to avoid the "Invalid Login attempts".

Copy License Number button

In our FAQ HowTo Ask Support we ask for:

 Item 5  In case you have a license number, do mention the license number. 

Because of our FAQ, AADS Maintenance and Control has now a "Copy to Clipboard" button:


Improvement: Password-less login

When using the AADS SSL Gateway, and using AADS Client Software, Users do not have to know & enter their UserName and / or Password.

New functionality: KIOSK


New Look & Feel AADS Start Menu, similar to Windows 11

AADS Application Control will contain a new Look & Feel AADS Start Menu, similar to the Windows 11 Menu as shown centered, bottom on the desktop.

More Application Control

A new and different approach on Application Control is considered.

RDP Firewall

More Firewall rules and/or filters. For example:

Own Explorer

We are considering to deliver our own, simple "Explorer" as a replacement for the Windows Explorer. It will offer the user a desktop experience similar to what is known since Windows XP. The Administrator has the ability to limit the functionality as available to the user. It will not contain an AppStore. It can be used for running the usual Desktop Applications.

Improvement File transfer

Some kind of "smart resume" options, in case of a re-connected RDP sessions, between the same Client and Server.

More languages / translations

A separate project within AADS WorldWide has been started to translate the product to (many) more languages.

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