1 Sep 2022: Changelog AADS Terminal Server (build 201.1)




1 Sep 2022: Changelog AADS Terminal Server (build 201.1)

Bug fixes / improvements 2FA

Based on feedback as received and ZIP Support Files we have done various bug fixes and improvements related to 2FA .


Improvement AADS Client for OSX

MacFreeRDP is now included in the AADS Client for OSX.

Improvement SSL Gateway

The AADS SSL Gateway has been upgraded to the latest encryption standards as available.
This applies to Windows Vista and newer; Server 2008 and newer:


 AADS uses: OpenSSL 1.0.2p

 AADS uses: LibreSSL 3.5.2

 Windows XP
 Server 2003


 Windows Vista and newer 
 Server 2008 and newer


Improvement Load Balancing

The Load Balancing in the AADS Farm has been improved such that more often the "right" Server in the Farm is selected to the Users and Client devices.


Bug fix: Desktop size option in the AADS Client

The option "Maximum Size" was not always applied, depending on the version of Windows. This is tested and fixed.


Improvement FFaMSearch

FFaMSearch has now the ability to look for text (or bytes) within ZIP Files, Office documents and similar files.


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