10 Apr 2020: ChangeLog AADS Terminal Server (Build 172.10)




10 Apr 2020: ChangeLog AADS Terminal Server (Build 172.10)

Improvement: Navigation Bar


The Navigation Bar at the top of the Screen can be moved left and right by the user.

Improvement: Postscript / PDF Printer, GhostScript

It is possible to install separately update(s) of GhostScript for the built-in Postscript / PDF printer.

Improvement RDP and SSL connection logging

Using "colors" in the RDP and SSL connection logging, such that the "problems" are clearly visible between the "OK" connections:

Improvement selecting Applications

When adding or editing Applications for AADS Application Control , it is possible to select more then 1 Application and add them in 1 go to the list of Applications:

It is also possible to select 1 or more Applications using CheckBoxes:

Improvement RDP Firewall: Spamhaus DropList

Information and details about the Spamhaus DropList can be found here.

Quote from the Spamhaus website: DROP includes netblocks that are hijacked or leased by professional spam or cyber-crime operations (used for dissemination of malware, trojan downloaders, botnet controllers).

The result of the "honey pot test " we have done, made clear that using the Spamhaus DropList in the RDP Firewall is useful.

Improvement: Audit Logging

An AADServer can create monthly Audit files in the Logging Folder:

'21 Mar 2020 7:40:03','REMOTE DISCONNECT','WIN10X64I100\luser001'
'21 Mar 2020 7:40:03','SESSION LOCK','WIN10X64I100\luser001'
'21 Mar 2020 7:52:42','CONSOLE DISCONNECT','WIN10X64I100\testuser'
'21 Mar 2020 7:52:42','SESSION LOCK','WIN10X64I100\testuser'
'21 Mar 2020 7:53:01','SESSION LOGOFF','WIN10X64I100\luser001'
'21 Mar 2020 7:53:47','SESSION LOGON','WIN10X64I100\luser001'
'21 Mar 2020 8:01:09','SESSION LOGOFF','WIN10X64I100\luser001'
'21 Mar 2020 8:01:31','SERVER START','WIN10X64I100'
'21 Mar 2020 8:01:34','SESSION LOGON','WIN10X64I100\testuser'
'21 Mar 2020 8:02:07','SESSION LOGON','WIN10X64I100\luser001'
'21 Mar 2020 8:04:34','SESSION LOCK','WIN10X64I100\luser001'
'21 Mar 2020 8:04:49','SESSION UNLOCK','WIN10X64I100\luser001'
'21 Mar 2020 8:14:58','SESSION LOCK','WIN10X64I100\luser001'
'21 Mar 2020 8:21:31','SESSION LOCK','WIN10X64I100\testuser'
'21 Mar 2020 8:21:35','SESSION UNLOCK','WIN10X64I100\testuser'
'21 Mar 2020 8:22:02','SESSION LOGON','WIN10X64I100\luser002'
'21 Mar 2020 8:24:11','SESSION LOGOFF','WIN10X64I100\testuser'
'21 Mar 2020 8:24:13','SESSION LOGOFF','WIN10X64I100\luser001'
'21 Mar 2020 8:24:14','SESSION LOGOFF','WIN10X64I100\luser002'
'21 Mar 2020 8:24:39','SERVER START','WIN10X64I100'
'21 Mar 2020 8:24:46','SESSION LOGON','WIN10X64I100\testuser'
'21 Mar 2020 8:25:51','SESSION LOGON','IPC\domain002'

Improvement SSL Gateway

An extra function has been added to the Server which test if an incoming SSL connection is "downgraded" because of a so called Man-In-The-Middle attack. By "downgrading" the SSL handshake of the SSL connection, the attacker attempts that the Client and the Server use a "weak" encryption which might be de-crypted by the "attacker-in-the-middle".
Such an attempt is detected by the SSL Gateway and the connection is immediately closed.

Improvement: Custom Logon

Thanks to an idea / suggestion from a customer in the USA, AADServer now has the ability for a "third party" to have its own Custom Logon functionality.

Bug fixes

Bug fix: Farm

The Temporary Block List would be send among the Farm every 5 seconds.

Bug fix: Firewall Settings

When using the Farm, it would be difficult to change the Firewall settings, because every 5 seconds, AADS Maintenance and Control would apply the Firewall settings as used in the Farm .

Bug fix: Run Box

It could sometimes happen that after a login, immediately the  Run-box was shown on the Desktop. This is fixed.

Bug fix: Connection Bar

If an user first connected using AADS RDP  Linux or  OSX client, and without doing a Logoff, doing a Re-Connect, using a Windows RDP Client, it might happen that 2 connection bars are shown.

Bug fix: (very) long passwords

Long passwords for Auto Logon and Domain Settings were truncated, and due to that, Auto Logon and Domain Settings would fail.

Bug fix

When using the GeoIP White or Black List, the Temporary Block List was not processed.

Bug fix

In case the AADServer uses an Online License type, in case there was a temporarily network problem, due to which a renewal of the Online License would fail, not always would the AADServer do the "right" retry immediately. It could happen that it would take 10 minutes before the AADServer would do a "proper" retry.

Note: this bug did not imply that there was a License Problem. An AADServer does at least continue to work OK for 1 week, despite network problems, despite License Renewal problems. So, those 10 minutes were never a problem for the continuity of the AADServer.

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