30 April 2019: ChangeLog AADS Terminal Server (Build 160.30)




30 April 2019: ChangeLog AADS Terminal Server (Build 160.30)

Server 2019

AADS v16.0 for Server 2016/2019 can be used and installed on both Server 2016 and Server 2019

More logging

Again more logging in our ZIP Support File. More logging enables us to do more analyzing of issues with AADS or Windows in general.

Bug fix Select files

On x64 Windows versions there are separate folders for x32 and x64 files. For example

AADS Maintenance and Control did sometimes show the wrong folder when selecting a file, icon, etc.

Survive over-active anti virus software

We did change some functions such to be able to restore AADS files which are deleted by over-active anti-virus software .

Stop and Start Windows Update

We had to do more logic such to be able to stop and start Windows Update.

Update built-in PDF printer

Ocassionally it did happen that the built-in PDF printer did not know which user did print the document. This has been fixed.

Slow server...ZIP Support File...there is progress...please wait...

A Terminal Server should be a "fast" Server. Multiple users will use it, and everyone of them might use MS-Word with a 100-page-or-more document.

If the Server is slow, under-powered, a lot of problems can happen. Also, if the Server is slow, when generating a ZIP Support File, it might take some time before the ZIP Support File is generated. Because of this, there is now a progressbar:

On a side note, should we mention servers in the cloud? Think of Virtual Servers (VM's), which are running on a (cheap) Host PC, and this (cheap) Host PC is rented out many, many, really many times, because that is how you earn money with a cloud...
Occasonally we do receive ZIP Support Files indicating that the VM has close to none available CPU-cycles...

Windows 10 Panels and Tiles for every Windows Version

Improvement "Optimize" and "Default Applications and Sets"

Both Optimize and Default Applications and Sets will generate Sets for

Users can "change" the AADS Menu

Fixes and improvements..,

Because of our Support and the ZIP Support File we have received, several (small) fixes and improvements have been done.

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