20 Sep 2018: ChangeLog AADS Terminal Server (Build 153.20)




20 Sep 2018: ChangeLog AADS Terminal Server (Build 153.20)

Maintenance Update

This is mostly a Maintenance Update with under-the-hood fixes based on support cases and ZIP Support Files we have received in the past period.

(Minor... ) Update because of Windows 10 Redstone 5

Because of Windows 10 Redstone 5, some (minor... ) under-the-hood improvements and updates have been implemented.

Update / fixed AADS Client for OSX and Linux

The AADS Client for OSX and Linux has been updated and fixed, and has been tested against:

Bugfix Firewall Save buttons

When copying an IP Address to the Black or White list, it was not possible to Save the Black or White list. This is fixed.

Bug Fix / Improvement 2 screens in a Remote Sessions, combined with AADS Application Control

Using Microsoft RDP Client, using 2 or more screens in a remote session, using Application Control, it is required that only the main screen shows a taskbar with the AADS Menu, such to avoid that the AADS Menu is shown on the main screen, while at the same time the default Windows Menu is shown on the other screens.

Improvement: Auto Update AADServer

Improvement: PDF Printer

Refurbished code for the built-in PDF printer, with (much... ) more logging, such to be able to analyze problems and support customers.

Bug Fix: old Firewall manual entries

In case AADS was upgraded from an old build with no IPv6 support to a recent build with IPv6 support, manual entered IPv4 entries on in the various Firewall lists, were not upgraded.


Due to "over-active anti virus" software, it might happen 1 or more AADS programs gets deleted. AADS Maintenance and Control (if it is not deleted by some "over-active anti virus" software... ) will tell you about the problem:

Restoring the deleted programs might be possible using some kind of "restore" function of the "over-active" anti virus software. Be sure to "re-configure" the "over-active" anti virus, such that it does not delete anymore AADS files.

If the "over-active" anti virus software does not have a proper "restore" function, it will be required to proceed as follows:


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