1 Nov 2015: Changelog AADS Terminal Server (Build 119.1)




1 Nov 2015: Changelog AADS Terminal Server (Build 119.1)

This is a maintenance release.


Removed function

Removed support for old XPUnlimited Clients and Farm Load Balancing. In the event that old XPUnlimited Client Software is being used, upgrade these PCs with AADS Client Software.


New Function

In the event that the Load Balancing of the AADS Farm is being used, the Administrator can open an extra TCP port on the AADServer. Clients which do connect to this port, will not be handled by the Load Balancing. This enables to by-pass the Load Balancing while using any RDP client, and connect to a specific Server in the Farm.


Improvement Application Control

It is possible to assign the directive $aad Limited Menu to a group, and specify where on the desktop the AADS Limited Menu is shown. In the example shown here, the AADS Limited Menu is positioned Bottom Right .



The tool "Allow Temporary RDP Access" showed the wrong translated lines.

The line about the Firewall being "disabled" is wrong. It should be:

This is fixed.


Firewall Event logging

AADServer will have an option to generate a TXT-logfile containing Firewall Events. This logfile will be generated per month.
The logfile can be opened for example by something simple like Notepad or imported into Microsoft Office - Excel / Open Office - Calc.

The following Events are in the logfile:

Each line in the TXT-logfile contains the following fields:


File Transfer FileSize limit

The Administrator can set the maximum size of files that can be transferred between Clients and the Server thru RDP+

Filesizes beyond 1 GB can be complete DVDs, ISO-files, movies, etc, and it might not be desirable to use a RDP-session for copying such large files.


No automatic upgrade to Windows 10 (hopefully......)

We think that consumers might not always be interested in an automatic upgrade to Windows 10. Business users, companies, who have chosen to run AADS, are certainly not interested in an automatic upgrade to Windows 10 (with the emphasize on "automatic"). Based on Microsoft bulletin kb3080351 , AADS does set the registry setting "DisableOSUpgrade".

We are not entirely sure that this will prevent, now and in the future, automatic Windows Upgrades. The experience of the recent past suggest that Microsoft will go to great lengths to enforce Windows 10 on the whole world, with or without consent of the Administrator......


Application Control: start an application Elevated

A new Application Control item is introduced: start an application Elevated. In the example below, calculator is marked for Elevation:

On the client, one can expect the following:


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