4 Jun 2015: Changelog AADS Terminal Server (Build 114.4)




4 Jun 2015: Changelog AADS Terminal Server (Build 114.4)

Application Control

Work that has already been done while working on AADS for Windows 10, has been back-ported to all other versions of AADS. For the most of it, AADS Application Control has new options. The Enterprise Manual and Small Manual describe all the details.

Among the new options are $aad Show Medium Menu and  $aad Show Large Menu. This will improve the user-experience of AADS Application Control on touch-devices:


AADS Small does now include AADS Client Software

The Manual describes the details:



We have done several (small) bug-fixes, based on feedback from our Resellers and Partners, and based on what we did see in the ZIP Support Files .


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