ChangeLog AADS Terminal Server 2012



ChangeLog AADS Terminal Server 2012

12 November 2012
Build 83.12

First Build of AADS Terminal Server

New Features:

  • Includes client software for Mac OSX and Linux. Client software for Windows is also included.
27 November 2012
Build 83.26


  • AADS Client for Windows can be used with RDP 8.
  • AADS Client for Windows can be used on Windows 8.
  • AADS Client for Mac OSX can be used on OSX 10.8, provided that XQuartz is installed on the Mac Client.
  • AADS Terminal Server Setup migrates XPUnlimited Application Control settings to AADS Terminal Server Application Control settings.
  • AADS Client for Windows migrates XPUnlimited client SSL certificates to AADServer client SSL certificates.
  • AADS Client for Windows migrates the specific XPUnlimited settings in RDP-files to AADS settings in those RDP-files.
  • When using Application Control, when using default RDP client software on a client, a popup message stating "The session was closed by the remote computer" might appear. Logoff logic is changed, such that the client under normal circumstances, will not show this popup message.


  • AADS Terminal Server Setup x64 migrates XPUnlimited SSL certificates to AADServer SSL certificates.
  • AADS client for Windows, button Duplicate Connection-settings, did have incorrect button-text.
28 November 2012
Build 83.28
  • AADS Client Setup for Windows would fail to install on a Windows Client PC, showing the message "Administrators should have full access", if it had never been installed before on this PC.
    This is now fixed.
8 December 2012
Build 84.8
  • Fixed a bug related to $aad Desktop Menu directive. It was required to select Logoff a second time before Logoff was done by DockDesktop.
  • The Language Selections dialog used a simple ANSI font which was inadequate for showing correctly the languages.
15 December 2012
Build 84.15
  • 1 language updated:
28 December 2012
Build 84.28


  • AADS Terminal Server Setup creates a backup of XPUnlimited logging, SSL Certificates and WWW-folder.
  • AADS Terminal Server Setup deletes old XPUnlimited files after the migration of XPUnlimited settings to AADS Settings.


  • Language PT-BR is updated
  • Language CZ is updated

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